Latest projects

Disinfo LAB

Research of tools, methods and processes to develop critical and creative thinking, as well as resilience and agency against the effects of disinformation in citizens, with special focus on teenagers.

We are mixing desk research, interviews, digital research and distributed ethnography methods to design the hypothesis and prototypes that will help us and other actors to generate social media content, strategies and programs towards citizens empowerment against disinformation.

Digital research

The digital ecosystem is highly complex: socializing platforms are designed to generate economic revenue; citizens are treated as alienated consumers; algorithms incentive contents that generate negative emotions, that polarize, as a means to attract wider audiences; and some actors are taking advantage of all this to manipulate citizens’ perceptions towards their own profit (economic, political, social).

We understand digital research as a means to build understanding and sense making. We mix digital methods with qualitative research to deeply understand the complexity of our contexts as well as identifying the opportunities emerging that can contribute to a healthier, more creative and empathetic digital ecosystem.


This project is based on a digital diagnosis in which disinformation and hate speech flood the networks, polarizing citizens and hindering creativity, understanding, empathy and collaboration. We propose ComHub as a collective action and learning program in social communication and digital strategies. Through this project we seek to provide spaces and tools for NGOs, activists and civil society organizations to have a positive impact on the digital ecosystem, towards a more resilient, empathetic, diverse and collective society.