Collective imagination, emotion, and action to face the great challenges of our time

Our vision

Komons is a node within an ecosystem. We enable and catalyse collective processes, knowledge, and infrastructure that scale the impact of people working for good. Based in Madrid, and the Internet, we are at the intersection between digital technology and social/human transformation.

Our projects focus on

  • Decreasing polarisation and division of societies through work on narratives and strategic communications.
  • Identifying opportunities for human and social well-being through research. 
  • Strengthening civil society through knowledge and know-how transfer.
  • Catalysing wiser, healthier, and more empathetic societies through collective intelligence processes.

Our motivation

The Internet began with the aspiration of promoting a more connected and conscious citizenship. However, fear, hatred, greed and ignorance have been imposed in the mainstream spaces of social media, generating division and confusion.

The historical moment in which we find ourselves demands that we continue with this human and social project in which we stand together to build just, creative, fearless, and caring societies.

Our methods

Understanding, co-designing, amplifying

Listening and understanding
Our approach starts by listening to people to understand their experiences, worries, ideas and needs. We listen to sister organisations with which we collaborate to see how we can be of help. We listen to media and social media to understand citizens’ needs and to find opportunities for change. We listen to people who think we are the “other” to understand what the cause of this division is. We listen to find out the common ground from which we can build something new together.

We design strategies based on evidence and data. Our strength is our ability to understand complex contexts, the diversity of needs and realities present, and the opportunities to achieve collective goals.

Through innovation in fields like technology, collective intelligence, digital tactics, or narrative change, we use the resources that allow projects to be amplified and expanded, contributing to improve people’s lives.


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