Latest projects

Creating and consolidating hybrid communities

Together with the Participation Lab of MediaLab-Prado we identified the challenge of transforming the individual and fragmented contributions that prevailed in the e-democracy platform Decide Madrid, into collective and strategic participation.

Beyond signing petitions: Re-inventing NGO’s activism

Data analysis, storytelling and crowdsourcing are powerful tools to engage citizens in the big challenges of our Millenia. We are investing in the development of methods, tools and strategies to make full use of technology and human intelligence for social change.

Methodology and process design to crowdsource policy on digital harassment

We propose to replicate and improve a cutting-edge crowdsource policy design process (from Digital Ministry of Taiwan) to provide key inputs for the policy and law design about gendered digital harassment. We applied digital methods to map all stakeholders involved in the issue and use technology and face-to-face/participatory methods to allow an open, collective and constructive debate to lead to actionable recommendations.