We are

A collective of passionate people

We are a group of dedicated technologists, social and digital researchers, practitioners, and activists. Our mission is to drive social change that leads to human flourishing, equitable societies, and a future centered on people and nature. We believe in the power of social movements, collective intelligence, engaged citizens, and the boundless creativity of communities.

A node within an ecosystem

Our work spans technology, social change, democracy, and collective intelligence. As a connecting node, we aim to bridge gaps, merging our social and technical expertise to support transformative processes. We focus on strengthening the ecosystem, facilitating collaboration, and encouraging the growth of other nodes.

Innovative and dynamic

We are an innovative and dynamic team, constantly adapting to the changing landscape of social change and technology. Our focus on flexibility and creativity allows us to experiment with new methods and strategies that challenge conventional norms. We explore emerging technologies, harness collective intelligence, and develop solutions that resonate with diverse communities.

Our Values

We put ourselves at the service of people and ideas

Working well for us means becoming unnecessary. Komons empowers individuals and organizations, ensuring their vision and needs are not just acknowledged but actively considered. We don’t speak for them; we empower them to authentically express their perspectives.

Care is at the heart of everything we do

We are wholly committed to care, from our team to our projects, to our environment and the planet. We integrate various strategies to care for the people involved in our projects. We continually think about what it means to place care at the heart of everything we do.

We pursue to make the possible happen

As practitioners in different fields, we engage in a deep understanding of our challenges to create a strategic vision. Reflecting on context and practice we make steps towards the futures we believe in. 

We believe in radical collaboration

We cherish the open-source philosophy and actively foster open knowledge. We love and nurture collaborative and horizontal networks, believing that change is not possible without radical collaboration.


Alejandra de Diego Baciero

Research and Collective Actions

Virginia Fernández


Alberto Abellán

Digital researcher & Product Manager

Alejandro González

IT Lead

Pamela Jaramillo

Financial Lead

Rebeca Díez

Research and Strategic Design

Saya Saulière

Strategy & Collective Intelligence

Ana Espejo

Research and Strategic Design