We concentrated on these topics, responding to our theory of change analysis:

Narrative Power

Narrative Power

Narratives hold the power to shape belief systems, and by changing them, we can challenge harmful norms and open up new perspectives for action. We support the building of narrative power by working with groups across Europe, Latin America, and Africa, where human rights, women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and migrants' rights are at risk. Our goal is to collaboratively envision new horizons

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is the central crisis of our time.  We're crafting a comprehensive strategy that integrates narrative change, strategic communication, and collective intelligence, with a commitment to inventing new forms of activism. This crisis demands a shift in how we approach our relationship with the planet, pushing us toward a life-centered model that moves away from the Anthropocene. We're ready to accompany this paradigm shift.

New forms of activism

New forms of activism

To meet the demands of our changing world, we embrace innovative approaches to activism. Our focus is on creating new pathways of engagement allowing diverse voices to push change. We aim to engage new actors and build inclusive spaces for collaborative action, driving systemic change and encouraging greater public participation in shaping a more equitable future.

Democratic renewal & New citizenship

Democratic renewal & New citizenship

How we live together is one of our greatest strengths, and democratic societies must be fortified to reflect this collective gift. We've been involved in projects that explore innovative forms of democracy—whether participatory, crowd-based, or deliberative—by combining technology, participatory methods, and collective intelligence. Our focus is on engaging citizens and involving new actors and communities, using our social-tech expertise to foster collective decision-making

Feminism & Womens’ rights

Feminism & Womens’ rights

In the evolving narrative of global emancipation, feminism and women's rights stand as pivotal chapters, challenging the entrenched power structures that have historically marginalized women. Our projects have supported communities in advocating for women's rights by catalyzing a shifting narrative that envisions a world where gender equality is the norm, not the exception.



Diversity is a priceless value we must honour. We work for gender justice by building narratives that generate bonds and allies across society. Empathy and shared values have the potential to break down great ideological walls. We have worked with communities for narrative change and developing technologies to support these communities' work.

Care for Radical Collaboration

Care for Radical Collaboration

Care and radical collaboration are essential to overcoming major barriers such as egos, personal agendas, emotional blockages, fatigue, and disempowerment. Creating a safe space for unbiased listening, mutual support, and active participation is vital to achieving impact without personal cost. We are committed to exploring methodologies, practices, tools, and knowledge that promote effective work under conditions of 'liberation,' encouraging mutual support and cooperation. Our scope covers a wide range of geographical and cultural contexts, addressing shared challenges. We aim to integrate these principles into every project we undertake.


Through hands-on experience, we've cultivated expertise in four key areas that drive change:

Narrative change & Start comms

Our approach is a symphony of varied talents and insights, harmoniously aligned to create impactful strategies for lasting change.

Digital Research

We utilize in-depth digital analysis to understand the narrative landscape and offer key insights to guide our strategy.  

Frame & message testing

We meticulously craft and test narratives, ensuring our messages resonate deeply with the audience and expand their frames.

Audicence analysis

Understanding our audience is key and all sources of information are meaningful. Through polling, focus groups and digital analysis we delve into audience values and beliefs.

Strategy & digital tactics

We design strategies that integrate various digital platforms, harnessing the power of digital tools and communities.

Collective campaigns

We manage to facilitate collaborative processes to bring together diverse actors and harness social energy towards a common goal.

Digital MEL

We flee from vanity metrics to implement useful evaluations for social purposes that allow us to learn and improve.

AI for narrative change

We are tailoring new methods to delve into the deep complexities of stories and qualitative information.

Content hub

We create dynamic spaces where strategists and creatives come together to fuel our campaigns with compelling and impactful stories.

Collective intelligence & Community building

Our mission is to unearth the rich potential within communities and networks, fostering collaboration and shared growth. We believe in the collective power of diverse minds and hearts, working together towards common goals.

Community mapping

Through a blend of traditional and digital methodologies, we identify who can make synergies and support the potential of communities.  

Catalyzing Communities

We engage with communities both online and offline, nurturing their growth and development.

Collective Campaigns & Actions

Through attentive listening, we tap into latent social energy, channeling it into impactful collective campaigns and actions that resonate with people’s hopes and aspirations.


Sharing knowledge is a vital part of our collaborative process. We provide meaningful information and training to enhance the communication capabilities and action strategies of the ecosystem of actors we engage with.

Tech desing & AI for good

We are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence to create solutions for social needs. We keep a tech-forward approach to ensure the social sector is not left behind.

Product Design

We design digital products for social purposes. We mediate between technology and social needs to deliver the tools that communities deserve to scale.

Social Listening & Data Analysis (AI)

We have a long experience capturing and processing a wide range of social data to reveal the insights they hide.  

Digital MEL

We implement a variety of technologies to perform monitoring and evaluation that are meaningful for our projects.

Audicence Analysis

Our deep understanding of social data allows us to apply methods to better understand audiences.  

Message Testing

We domain the tools and methods to perform digital testing of messages.

Context analysis & strategic design

Our vision and methodology ensure that we serve reality in its maximum complexity. We identify problems, empathize with needs, and co-create with communities and territories as our guides.

Field & Ecosystem Research

We immerse ourselves deeply in the context through ethnographic research of people and their needs to ensure that the project responds to reality, is necessary, and is useful.

Strategic Vision And Road Map

It´s a “connecting the dots” process for a systemic approach to solving problems with a roadmap that simplifies complexity.

Change Design

It is a living process in which we co-feel, co-think, and co-design, creating and sustaining a democratic fabric.

Implementation & Iteration

We love bringing things to life. We approach projects with a prototyping mindset to keep learning and improving.

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