About us

Komons - created in 2019 and based in Madrid – is conceived to harness the potential of data, technology and collective action to confront the key challenges facing civil society. We have a unique expertise in digital analysis and media research, communications strategies and movement building that allow us to enhance collective intelligence and accelerate social change processes. As practitioners, we have applied these hybrid methods on campaigning, activism, strategic communication, narrative change and e-democracy processes. We coordinate social change projects in Europe, Africa and expanding to Latinamerica. We are a fast growing, human-centered, social company with caring, honesty and openness as its core values.

Financial Officer

Main tasks

  • You will be responsible for the general book-keeping, financial administration, the balance sheet and follow up for Komons and its Foundation.
  • You will prepare the budgets for project applications (at EU and international level) and financial reporting.
  • You will organize and coordinate the work of the financial controller.
  • You will support the strategic and operations teams in the company’s financial and economic planning.
  • You will supervise the financial planning, monitoring and execution of projects.
  • You will prepare the VAT declaration and other declarations following the Spanish tax rules.
  • You will supervise audits (if required), approve invoices (with support of the  the controller) and budget preparations.
  • You will prepare the year-end closings.
  • You will provide general administrative tasks as required.
  • Review and implement financial policies.
  • Bank statements, outgoing and incoming invoices and expense claims.

Your background and qualifications

  • You should have a thorough knowledge of general and analytic accounting principles and procedures.
  • You should possess a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics and good knowledge of BEGAAP principles.
  • Experience using financial software.
  • Advanced MS Excel skills.
  • Knowledge of Spanish financial regulations.
  • Have experience with international cooperation projects.
  • At least 5 years of work experience is preferable.
  • You demonstrate attention to detail, accuracy and confidentiality.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • You have working experience in English.

Your profile

  • You are flexible and adaptable in order to provide support and assistance to other team members or colleagues.
  • You are able to respect deadlines and to juggle multiple tasks and changing priorities.
  • You enjoy teamwork and are open to giving and receiving feedback.
  • You are committed to fostering caring and healthy working environments, and to promoting social change.

What Komons can offer?

We offer a service contract until August and a full time job from September 2021. Competitive salary, in accordance with your previous experience. We will support your professional & personal development.

More information

Send us your CV/references/comments/doubts to rebeca@komons.org. We’ll contact you anyways and in case you meet our needings we’ll arrange an online meeting as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you!