We are looking for an International Consultant for Development of Curriculum and Training on Strategic Communications

Contract Type: Consultancy

Closing date for applications: 29/10/2021

Duty station: Home-based

Duration: 15/11/2021 to 15/02/2022 (90 days)


Komons - created in 2019 and based in the Internet (also in Madrid) – is conceived to harness the potential of data, technology and collective action to confront the key challenges facing civil society. We have a unique expertise in digital analysis and media research, communications strategies and movement building that allow us to enhance collective intelligence and accelerate social change processes. As practitioners, we have applied these hybrid methods on campaigning, activism, strategic communication, narrative change and e-democracy processes. We coordinate projects funded by international foundations in Europe, Africa, Eurasia and we are expanding to Latinamerica. We are a fast growing, human-centered, social company with caring, honesty and openness as its core values.

Our main lines of work (until now):

  • Digital research: we conduct data analysis to understand social dynamics taking place in digital environments. We use these insights to develop strategies : strategic comms, campaigns, movement building, etc.
  • Training: based on our and others’ research and practice, we package knowledge and deliver (offline and online) it to CSOs, NGOs, activistists, content producers and other social change actors so they increase their understanding of the complexity of the contexts in which they work, as well as enhance their strategic thinking. Currently we deliver capacity building programs on strategic comms in several countries of Europe, Eurasia and Africa.
  • Movement building: when collective intelligence is needed to tackle ambitious challenges, we map the social energy (actors motivated to reach these goals) and identify the gaps we can fill to scale their impact and their collaboration.


We are looking for an International Consultant that provides Komons with the development of a Curriculum and Training on Strategic Communications, based on the global knowledge that we have acquired during our experience and work.

Komons is a Comms Hub partner, an international project supported by several International Foundations that works already in 7 countries in Europe, Eurasia and Africa that aims to strengthen strategic comms capacities of NGOs and CSOs to be able to have impact with their communication in today’s complex digital and polarized media landscapes.

The aim of this project is to support a media landscape that favors diverse, open and sustainable societies. For that purpose we conduct digital research and public survey, to provide evidence-based strategic comms capacity building programs to CSOs and NGOs. We know from experience the importance that strategic communications offers in the current digital world and the strong role that can play for CSOs and NGOs to improve their visibility, their communication and create a positive impact.

So far, we have developed modules of strategic comms training in the pilot project (Spain) that includes narrative change, segmentation and targeting, digital tactics, monitoring and evaluation of strategic comms, creative content development, etc. The consultant will work closely with the strategic communications and capacity building teams to develop the curriculum for other geographies (Eurasia, Kenya and South Africa) based on the Comms Hub approach of strategic comms and develop the modules to be implemented to train NGOs, CSOs and to deliver to trainers.

Under this assignment the consultant will be responsible for:

  • Developing a pedagogic curriculum for strategic communications based on Comms Hub trainings;
  • Developing an outline for an online/offline training/modules;
  • Designing and drafting interactive exercises building on participatory methodologies and experiential learning for group training (online and offline);
  • Developing of a pre-post course assessment form;
  • Co-facilitating an inception-training course;
  • Submit the curriculum and draft training tool for the group.

Required expertise and qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing strategic communications capacity building programs;
  • Certified international trainer;
  • Have a strategic and goal oriented thinking. Have the ability to listen, evaluate many viewpoints and adapt to the needs of the organization. Be flexible;
  • Sound understanding and knowledge of training methodology;
  • Effective oral, written, and visual communication skills;
  • Experience in facilitating interactive training sessions (online/offline);
  • Solid writing skills;
  • Proficiency in English. Spanish a must.

Your background and qualifications:

  • At least 5-years experience in strategic communications.
  • Proven record of successfully designing and delivering strategic communications services for various NGOs or international development actors as well as pedagogic curriculums.
  • Ability to understand and adapt to the organizations needs and create a curriculum based on the organizations’ knowledge.
  • Experience providing online/offline trainings.
  • Experience in working in social projects.
  • Strong communication and social skills.
  • Experience leading multi-disciplinary and diverse teams.
  • Experience working in international projects and with English with native speakers.


Qualified experts are advised to submit their resumes, and financial proposals for the above mentioned consultancy and references to team@komons.org by close of business on the 29/10/2021 indicating the position title ”Consultant for Development of Curriculum and Training Toolkit on Strategic Communications” as the subject line for the email. The submission of any project samples will also be much welcomed!

Looking forward to hearing from you!