We are looking for a digital researcher with social background to design and carry out analyses based on digital platforms and (social) media data.


Komons - created in 2019 and based in the Internet (also in Madrid) – is conceived to harness the potential of data, technology and collective action to confront the key challenges facing civil society. We have a unique expertise in digital analysis and media research, communications strategies and movement building that allow us to enhance collective intelligence and accelerate social change processes. As practitioners, we have applied these hybrid methods on campaigning, activism, strategic communication, narrative change and e-democracy processes. We coordinate projects in Europe, Africa, Eurasia and we are expanding to Latinamerica. We are a fast growing, human-centered, social company with caring, honesty and openness as its core values.

Currently, most of our projects aim to support a media landscape that favors democratic, diverse, open, empathetic, and sustainable societies. For that purpose we provide training to CSOs, NGOs, activistists and content producers; and connect key actors to scale impact. Digital research is the basis of all this work, as it provides the knowledge for our training, it allows us to map key actors related to any issue or geography, and it generates insights, evidence and recommendations that serve the design of our narratives and communications projects.


We’re looking for a data and digital analyst who will be responsible for carrying out research based on digital platforms and (social) media data. Digital research is a key piece in Komons activity, it helps us to understand the complexity of the contexts in which we work, make strategic decisions related to our social change projects, and helps us to diagnose the health of the digital sphere, identifying the spread of disinformation and hate speech. 

The analyst will coordinate and carry out digital analysis: capture, clean and filter data, carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis, visualize data, and generate insights and recommendations. For that s/he will access data from different social media and media sources, using open-source and private tools. Komons team will strengthen some of the key digital research and social listening capacities needed for this work.

Your responsibilities:

You will be responsible for carrying out digital research projects in several countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine or Spain. This position entails:

  • Defining the scope of the research and the analysis questions together with Komons research team and stakeholders.
  • Identifying the analysis and visualizations that better inform the projects and help to achieve their objectives.
  • Carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis to obtain insights and recommendations, unraveling social and psychological patterns to understand public opinion and key narratives present in (social) media.
  • Designing and writing reports and presentations.
  • Presenting the results to different stakeholders.
  • Coordinating small teams of analysts, designers, data scientists, etc.
  • Ensuring the quality of the deliverables as well as the acquisition of valuable knowledge for Komons and our partners

Your background and qualifications:

  • At least 3-years experience in digital analysis.
  • Trained in social disciplines or humanities (i.e. sociology, anthropology, journalism, political science, psychology...). Not necessarily university education, but it is important that the analyst has the capacity to understand social and human dynamics in the digital sphere.
  • Tech oriented, familiar with data analysis, data visualization and social networks analysis.
  • Advanced use of digital tools like Gephi, Iramuteq or TCAT.

Your profile

  • You have the ability to uncover relevant sociological and/or political insights from digital multi-sourced data. 
  • You have strong communication and social skills. 
  • You are fluent and have experience working in English with native English speakers.
  • You demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy.
  • You enjoy teamwork and are open to giving and receiving feedback.
  • You are committed to fostering caring and healthy working environments, and to promoting social change.

We would also value positively:

  • Experience coordinating projects.
  • Proficiency in Spanish.
  • Understanding and use of programming languages such as python.


We offer a service contract of 7 months with the possibility of joining the team after. Competitive salary, in accordance with your previous experience. Most of the work will be from home with occasional face-to-face meetings.

Komons will support your professional & personal development. We will work together to take care of your priorities at work, your intrinsic motivations, and to ensure your work-life balance.


Send us your CV/references/comments/doubts by November 15th to rebeca@komons.org. We will evaluate the applications and start the interviews the first week of November in order to award the vacancy during the same month.

Looking forward to hearing from you!